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Star Home Cinema is an industry leader in creating dedicated home cinemas. As such, we know what it takes to be the best. We go to great lengths to ensure that our installers and system designers are individually certified by CEDIA. CEDIA (Custom Electronic Design and Installation Association) certification ensures that your theater will be designed and installed to the highest industry standards. It is this unbeatable combination we have to offer which is a seal of guarantee that we are providing excellent quality in both products and services. This is one of the many reasons you can rest assured that Star Home Cinema will provide you entertainment without compromise.

Acoustical Surfaces has been solving soundproofing, noise control, acoustical and vibration problems for over 25 years. With over 400 specialty soundproofing and noise control products and materials, Star home Cinema is specialized in beautiful presentations of ultimate movie-going theater experiences as well as world-class audio systems, state-of-the-art home automation, lighting control, and systems integration demonstrations. Our specialists can assist with design and offer onsite or over the phone consultation 24/7.

Whether you are looking to match your current decor with fabric wall panels or block sound from transferring from room to room with noise barriers or need vibration mounts, Architectural & Acoustical Surfaces has you covered. We also offers a full line of acoustical foam for ceiling and wall applications, sound control doors and ceiling tiles for soundproofing ceilings. All of our products have independent sound and flammability tests and most products offered are ASTM E84 tested Class A-1 non-flammable. We offers everything you need for Commercial, Industrial, Educational, House of Worship, Pro Audio, OEM, Home Theater and other Residential applications.

A cinema is an escape from reality. It is a place to go to for entertainment, for enjoyment and for relaxation. It is full of treasured moments with loved ones and a place to rub elbows with the stars. Let us bring these elements into your home with your very own, personalized dedicated home cinema.