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Lighting the world Lighting brings our environment to life and changes the way we feel about it.

Our in-house lighting designers understand the art and the science of light. Independent of all manufacturers, our unique focus is to combine our artistic approach with a deep technical expertise and consequently offer our clients the most innovative solutions.

Architects and interior designers know we will honor their wishes and vision for a project. Our designs not only bring out the brilliance of a given piece, but create an overall atmosphere of harmony among all elements and features.

They often request our expertise on lighting interiors and exteriors of manor homes, historic townhouses, penthouses, hotel lobbies, corporate offices, art museums and botanical gardens.

The use of lighting control systems makes life smoother. By transforming at a press of button the ambiance and setting the perfect mood for day to day use, relaxing or entertaining, lighting control enhances the environments in which we live and work. It improves lamp life significantly and also reduces the overall energy bill.

Our team ability to design lighting solutions combining aesthetics, functionality and flexibility has won it praise within the building and design communities of the US, Europe and Asia.