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Echo Eliminator

Echo Eliminator Acoustical Cotton is an economical, multipurpose, high performance, Class A fire retardant, sound absorber. It is exceptionally durable and can be used anywhere cost effective noise control or reduced reverberation time (echo) is needed. Echo Eliminator installs easily to ceilings, walls, or equipment enclosures using contact or construction adhesive. Fabric, foil, Tuftane, Dupont Hypalon facings are also available for optimal aesthetics, easy cleaning or protection from chemicals, oil, or dust.


A truly affordable high performance noise control window which gives an STC Ratings of 45 to 56. The Performance is highly tested & certified at an affordable price. It can be custom engineered and manufactured to any size without any extra charge. The finishes are of natural aluminum and bronze. It’s also available in other specialty finishes which can be installed fast and easy.

The Curve System

Diffusors, Absorbers, and Corner Traps simplify the creation of natural-sounding, professionally-accurate acoustic spaces


The Decorative Fabric Wrapped Custom Acoustical Wall Panels is of truly high performance with architecturally decorative which helps in reduction of Noise and Reverberation.



We are proud to offer the markets first affordable soundproof interior door. Our sound control doors have an STC value up to 56. The Studio 3D sound proof doors are ideal for recording studios, offices, band rooms, hotels, dorm rooms, conference rooms or any application where a soundproof interior door is required. The doors come standard in oak ready to stain with silver hardware. Custom finish and hardware options are available.

SONEX Classicâ„¢

SONEX Classic are melamine foam acoustical panels that provide excellent sound and noise control where it's needed the most. Acoustical foam panels are fiber free that are trusted by professional sound studios everywhere.They are originally sculptured Foam Absorber. It gives high acoustical performance.


Bass absorbers are high performance, low cost bass frequency absorbers. They are designed to even out room modes caused by low frequency corner build up.



Wallmate is a high tension fabric mounting system that revolutionizes the way fabric can be applied to walls as both a decorative and acoustical wall finish. It departs from the traditional method of wall upholstery which still uses wood lath, staples, gimp and welting a method which has become expensive and specialized. It removes the barriers of expense and expertise and exchanges them from simplicity at an affordable cost.


dBA Panels

dBA stands for Diffuser Blocking Absorber. Its is an innovative sound treatment panel for both home theaters and professional grade commercial studios. No longer will you have to struggle to figure out noise reduction coefficients or calculate the amount of sabins for a given space.These panels have a unique design that not only provides a wide array of acoustical characteristics, but it is aesthetically pleasing and will give any studio or home theater that polished professional look

Sound silencer

Porous Expanded Polypropylene (P.E.P.P.) Acoustical Wall and Ceiling Tile Panels is a Class A Fire Retardant which doesn’t have fiberglass content and of non-abrasive surface. It can be used for both indoor and outdoor. It is water resistant, impact resistant and bacteria and fungi resistant which gives superior soundproofing qualities and that too with lightweight.


The Acousti Curtain is a revolutionary new product. Sound absorbing drapery primarily designed to absorb more sound than standard decorative curtains. These curtains are made with sound absorbing material and are ideally used where control of acoustic reflection off of glass and ambient light control are required. These acoustical curtains feature a core material of naturally fire resistant wool fabric that is sandwiched between a decorative fabric and a blackout liner. The wool core material has also been shown to continuously filter harmful VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds) from the air. The Acousti Curtain product will also reflect thermal energy and block light when drawn across a window or doorway. The Acousti Curtain is custom designed to fit and match your interior design specifications.