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A projector is an apparatus for presenting an enlarged image on a screen from a transparency such as a photographic slide or a film. Projectors provide the ultimate home theater experience. Nothing else comes as close to truly re-creating the viewing experience of a movie theater. Imagine the leathery hide of a Tyrannosaurus rex or a video game villain swinging a sword big enough to splinter your coffee table.


Before you start, consider voice-matching. Voice-matching is key to effective home theater sound. If your speakers do not produce a similar tonal quality and share the same harmonic characteristics, the sound will be disjointed when it travels from speaker to speaker. With voice-matched speakers, the sound moves effortlessly around you, creating a seamless surround effect. The best way to ensure voice-matched speakers is to choose speakers from the same "family" of speakers, by the same brand.


A Home Automation system will allow you to automate things you want done on a regular basis or have an action occur when a particular event takes place.One of the beautiful things about Home Automation is it can be tailored to your lifestyle. It includes the control of Lighting, Air Conditioning, Music, Television, Security System, Internet, Doors, Window Blinds, Appliances etc


Correct use of lighting in the home theater plays a crucial role in setting the right ambience for a great movie watching experience.Many would surely agree that for the best movie experience in the home theater, viewing should take place either in total darkness with the lights switched off, or under very low ambient light with the lights significantly dimmed. Furthermore, door and windows should be closed, and shades down to cut on external light and noise.