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Star Home Cinema is dedicated to providing you with the thrill, excitement, electricity and sensations of your favorite movies.
We Believe The Experience Means Everything....

We can provide everything from simple hook up of your existing equipment to an entire dedicated home theater environment. We can design and construct the room of your dreams. We are associated with various qualified consultant to design or renovate the room, craft and/or install cabinetry, design the lighting and control, recommend and secure furnishings & decorations, as well as recommend and install the electronics, of course we are more than willing to work with your designer & contractors.

We can take you step by step through the process of building a home theater from the ground up or recommend the best way to utilize what you already have.


1) Specify the Theater envelope's structural details (e.g., framing, sheathing, insulating, decoupling, isolatingand caulking) as appropriate to meet our goals for internal sound quality, as well as immunity from external noise and vibration. 2) Based on detailed modal analysis, provide exact, acoustically optimized room dimensions for optimum support of low frequencies.
3) Using a proprietary suite of in-house computer-based acoustical modeling and prediction tools, specify optimum locations for listeners (the "money seats") and all loudspeakers (fronts, surrounds and subwoofers).  4) Specify type, quantity, make, model, location and mounting of wall- and ceiling-mounted acoustic treatment (e.g., absorbers, diffusors, reflectors, pressure traps and compound devices) to optimize sound quality of the playback system.
5) Detail the room's architectural features (e.g., wainscot, doors, mouldings, columns, pilasters, bookcases, etc.) in ways that turn them into assets in the overall acoustic plan. 6) Issue a Noise Criteria (NC) specification and general HVAC system design guidelines for use by the Owner's mechanical contractor to achieve the desired comfort and noise levels.
7) Issue drawings and specifications for dedicated electrical service ("Technical Power System") to the room, including call-outs for professional-grade powerline conditioner(s); wiring, circuiting and grounding specifications; and wiring devices (outlets). 8) Work with Owner and A/V dealer to finalize a coreplayback equipment plan that fits the application. (Equipment supply, interconnection design, control features and installation by others.)
9) Specify an acoustically qualified fabric material to be used at walls and ceiling to conceal acoustic materials, speakers, subwoofers, etc. 10) Coordinate with Owner, architect, general contractor and contractor's subcontractors to facilitate the smoothest possible integration of Designer's plans within the larger construction project.
11) Make site visits to meet with Owner, architect, builder, audio/video dealer-installer, and other key project personnel to establish design direction, present drawings, review/inspect construction progress, and/or to test and calibrate the final installation. 12) Our documentation takes the form of detailed, color CAD drawings specifying the geometrical relationships between the listener, the room, the acoustic treatment and the speakers and subwoofers. Cutaway views, section details, mounting instructions and installation notes are typically included to take the guesswork out of building what is likely to be the most technically involved room in the home.